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Soil survey in Korea
The soil survey started with a reconnaissance survey, making use of aerial photographs purchased from USA using Korea Soil Survey Organization fund between 1964 and 1967(when the reconnaissance soil survey was carried out). As a result, 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 scales of soil maps of Korea were published. The detailed soil survey was followed thereafter adopting the Soil Taxonomy of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) between 1968 and 1990. Now Detailed Soil Maps (1:25,000) for entire country are available in hard copies and highly-Detailed Digital Soil Maps (1:5,000) are provided on-line for the public.
Year Soil survey projects Applications
1964-1967 Reconnaissance Soil Survey
(1:250,000; 1:50,000)

- Soil genesis and distribution of soil group
- Central & regional land use planning

1968-1990 Detailed Soil Survey

- Agricultural advice at regional and local level
- Regional land use planning
- Identification of major crop zone
- Soil fertility management

1995-1999 Highly Detailed Soil survey

- Individual household farm management
- Soil management for individual plots
- Choice of crop for individual plots
- Selection of specific land management

1998-2005 Digitization of soil Survey
(soil map database)

- Crop & land use suitability recommendation

1998-present Soil Testing Survey
(soil fertility database)

- Fertilizer recommendation
- Web-based fertilizer prescription

1999-present Agro-Environmental
Change Monitoring Project

- managing soil resources: physical and chemical properties,
  water quality & soil microorganisms

2002-2006 Korean Soil Information
(1:5,000 digital soil map service)
- All soil information to the public through web
2009-2011 Web-GIS system for
Agro-Environmental maps

- Spatial database on natural resources, 3-D soil maps, am image   database, statistics & cyber forum

Source / Hong et al., 2009