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Soil maps with a variety of scales are currently available to the public in Korea. The following table summarizes soil survey methods at each scale and its application.
(Source: Korean Rural Development Administration, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, 2007)

- Soil survey methods at each scale and its application.

General Soil Survey

Soil Survey Detailed Soil Survey
Scale of base map 1:40,000 1:10,000-18,750 1:1,200-5,000
Scale of soil map 1:50,000 1:25,000 1:5,000
Minimum area presented
on map
6.25 ha 1.56ha 10a
Accuracy and soil
Arial Photogrammetry Field investigation Analysis of individual plots
Soil group and subgroup Soil series and mapping units Soil series and other mapping units, landuse
Distance between
sampling points
500-1,000m Less than 100m Less than 50m
Application Soil genesis and
distribution of soil group
Agricultural advise at regional and local level Individual household farm management
Central and regional
and use planning
Regional landuse planning Soil management for individual plots
Suitability for Identification of major crop zone Choice of crop for individual plots
Soil fertility management Identification of suitable crops
Basic information for soil management Selection of specific land management
# These statistics are based on the yearbook of Agricultural Statistics (2004)